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Great Salt Lake

Welcome to NSCF Great Salt Lake Chapter

Over the last year, I have been watching a TV show called “The Story Trek” when this person travels over America to discover different people’s “Story”.

It would be well worth the effort to meet each of you and find out some of your “Sea Stories”.  I had a great opportunity of meeting with one of our shipmates in St. George, LCDR Frank Carson (ret) last month.

Great Salt Lake Chapter Nimitz Photo2

Frank is one of our WWII Veterans and is truly one of the Greatest Generation.  As we were talking, I saw the enclosed picture in his den. Pretty Impressive huh? Not too many people have a personalized signed picture from Admiral Chester Nimitz.

Early in the year, I was able to meet with CDR Wayne Shaffer, also down in St. George.  He is an inspiration also, and I hope that I can talk my wife into buying as nice as sport car that Wayne has!

During my duty in San Diego last month, I happened to be there for the 1 day a year that it rained there. It was really a downpour and quite cold. As I drove onto the base, the E2 sentry, welcomed me as he stood in that driving rain. I thanked him for his service and asked him to keep as dry and warm as he could. And this fine sailor just saluted and said, “Don’t worry sir, I have the Watch for you today.”

As I thought about this, I realized what a debt of gratitude we owe to all of you that have served, to those that are currently serving and those that will serve.

Also, I hope to visit more of you this coming year and hear of your story

God Bless you all
Very Respectfully
Reid Chambers

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