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CAPT Greg Johnson and Wife Fe

CAPT (ret) Greg Johnson and his wife Fe Corazon Johnson have been frequent visitors to the Philippines since their retirement in 2017.  So much so, that they elected to build a second home in Urdaneta, Philippines.  They were enjoying a snowbird lifestyle by wintering over in the Philippines from January to April of each year.

Home in the Philippines

With the commencement of the Covid pandemic they became aware of a need for their service and skills in the Urdaneta Philippines mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  A critical vacancy existed in the mission for a senior missionary couple to assist the President of the mission.

Prior to the advent of the pandemic, the mission footprint consisted of about 200+ missionaries, but this footprint shrank to about 80 missionaries when all foreign missionaries were required to return home to their native lands.

Greg and Fe learned that they would be able to assist the mission, because Fe holds dual US and Philippine citizenship, and that the Johnson’s maintain a Philippine residence. With this knowledge they volunteered to fill this leadership vacancy and a call was issued for them to serve in the mission.

CAPT Johnson with Fe

Greg and Fe were assigned as the apartment coordinators for the mission. Greg was also asked to serve as a Counselor in the mission presidency. On commencing their mission in January 2022 the mission footprint was 80 missionaries staying in about 35 apartments throughout the mission covering almost the entirety of the province of Pangasinan.

The concern of the mission at this point was the need to recreate the network of apartments and logistical support that was previously in place prior to the pandemic.  Greg with his background in contracting and logistics took on the technical aspects while Fe as the native speaker served as the face of this effort.  Through their efforts the Johnson’s were able to recreate the life support networks prior to the return of foreign missionaries in late 2022, and early 2023.

Pangasinan province is located just south of Baguio and is north of Clark AB.  On the western shores of Pangasinan is the Gulf of Lingayen.  The Lingayen beaches mark the location of General MacArthur’s return to Luzonto liberate the Philippines.  Fe’s father the late Major (ret) Antonino Basconcillo, was a survivor of the Bataan Death March, and served as a translator and guide for US forces on their return to Luzon.


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